Friday, January 28, 2011

The greenest building is one that already exists.

We work in a beautiful historic building in downtown Rapid City. Originally known as the Swanders Building, it has housed a variety of uses since it was built in 1905.

The Swanders Building in the early 1920s.

Take a look at it now! It's been revitalized and renewed with the addition of sleek, modern features and a showcase of the historic elements. Here's a glimpse inside...

The building today.

We're located in the heart of the downtown business district, allowing our employees and clients the opportunity to interact with the surrounding urban environment. Various events throughout the year take place mere steps from our front door. 

Banking, shopping, dining, and entertainment are all located within walking distance. One particularly fun event, Summer Nights on Seventh, takes place directly outside our door every Thursday night in the summertime, and features food and drink vendors and live music.

Upstairs Reception Area

 Our building is pending LEED Certification and incorporates many sustainable features in addition to the reuse of the historic structure itself. Many future posts will be related to those specific strategies.

Main Floor Workspace
Main Floor Conference Room
Second Floor Office

The title quote is from Carl Elefante, AIA.

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