Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lessen Impact Challenge: Trash Week

FourFront Design is now into the third week of our Lessen Impact Challenge

This week we're focusing on trash. On Free Monday, we showed some of the documentary Garbage Warrior, which focuses on architect Michael Reynolds and his quest to build a fully sustainable house using eco-friendly ideas and garbage.

Exterior hut house, Taos, NM
This week's challenge coincides with the annual office Fall Clean Up. Have questions on what can or can't be recycled? See this post for a quick rundown, or download the city's guide on recycling. 

And again, here's a bonus option: Write an informative or entertaining blog post about trash, email it to me (Jessica) and get 3 extra points for the week! Or, comment below about how you're doing with the challenge to get 1 extra point.

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