Thursday, December 8, 2011

Greening Our Garbage

Have you noticed the spur of new commercial development happening around Main Street Square? With the addition of new retail and dining options also comes the need for an innovative way to handle waste from the new business activity.

The development on the corner of 5th and Main Streets now has a cutting-edge trash and recyclable handling system. The trash compactor, located adjacent to the Sears Building property and screened from view, crushes trash and co-mingled recyclables prior to them being transferred to the handling facilities.

This singular dumpster essentially takes the place of a multitude of traditional dumpsters and is very progressive in sustainable terms. The compactor offers a unique way to store a lot of trash without taking up a lot of space and greatly reduces waste hauling costs.

A very special thanks to MHL Development, Destination Rapid City, Kiefer Sanitation, and Downtown Recycles for making this happen.

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